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Can you recommend a place for a family holiday for my husband, my 6 month-old and me? We want to travel at the end of January 2019. I am from Kolkata and want to go on a 5-6 day holiday. We mainly just want to spend time together. I was thinking of Sri Lanka or some island in Thailand.

Thanks a ton.


Hi Aastha,

My first thought if you’re travelling with an infant for a 5-6 day trip is to make sure the flight isn’t too long. Even though kids are pretty mobile at that age, if this is your first international holiday together, you don’t really know how your baby will react to a long flight.

Fruit from street carts are a great snack in Thailand

When I checked for flight times from Kolkata to different international airports in Thailand all flights seemed to be 5 hours plus with at least one stop over, except for Bangkok. Bangkok is an easy 2.5 or so hours from Kolkata. Only
problem is: Bangkok is not known for its great beaches.

While there are beaches within an okay distance from Bangkok, that changes when you have a small baby in hand. I don’t think it would be a great idea to fly into Bangkok and then drive another 4-5 hours to your hotel. And if you try to break your journey by spending one night in Bangkok before driving out, you’ll be losing precious time.

The only beach closer to Bangkok is Bang Saen. It is a quiet, clean, cheap place, frequented by locals and the students from the university close by, and is known for its seafood. There are a few decent resorts and it could be a perfectly happy, quiet holiday. However, the waters are grey and not the blue you imagine in Thailand and the general feel of the place seems a bit sleepy. You can read more about Bang Saen here and more about the other beaches close to Bangkok here.

Flight prices from Kolkata to Bangkok for the end of January 2019 currently start
from Rs 12,000 approx.

Negombo beach is popular with locals

With regards to Sri Lanka, I believe there are no direct flights from Kolkata to Colombo and the shortest flight therefore is 7 hours. It’s not something I would recommend for you. If you’d like, though, I can look into options for you. We had ourselves stayed with our then 1-year old daughter at the Jetwing Sea Hotel in Negombo, very close to the international airport. We’d loved the hotel because it was right on the beach and the staff were really kind and welcoming to our daughter.

Flight prices from Kolkata to Colombo for the end of January 2019 currently start from Rs 17,000 approx.

Within India your options are almost countless: Goa, Kovalam or Marari Beach in Kerala, Pondicherry, Tranquebar and other options in Chennai. If you wanted something more exciting you could consider the Andamans. Here are some hotel
options and some more.

Let me know what appeals to you most. Once you have a shortlist we can work on narrowing it down for you.
Something to keep in mind while choosing is, I would suggest, to make sure there are adequate medical facilities close by. Also, do check with your paediatrician about vaccinations and if there are any medical warnings for that particular destination.


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Street cart: Fancycrave
Negombo beach: Thomas Wyness

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