The Travelling Infant

Q. Hi, Can you recommend a place for a family holiday for my husband, my 6 month-old and me? We want to travel at the end of January 2019. I am from Kolkata and want to go on a 5-6

Brazilian beat

Q. Hi Shalome, I’m planning to attend the Rio Carnival next year. My travel dates are 28th February-11th March. We’ve already planned out the first 5 days of our trip (open to your suggestions, if any). I’m struggling to plan

Winning at winter in Auli

Q. Hi, I’m planning a New Years get away to Auli. Dates are 30th December to 6th January. Wanted general help in terms of: 1. Weather warnings if any and things to carry 2. Best route to reach Auli, as

Lanka lovin’

Q. Hi! I got your reference from some friends. Your Instagram page is wonderful! I am planning to travel to Sri Lanka from 18-24th November for my birthday. The trip is just of 2 people. We were planning to visit:

Both Sides of Istanbul

Q. Hi Shalome, we’ve overnight booked a trip to Istanbul! We’ll be there for 5 nights. Our flights and accommodation are done. If you have any tips let us know. We definitely want to see the mosques but other than

The Heart of Spain

Q. Hi Shalome, We are travelling to Spain next month in September. We are going to be in Madrid for 4 nights and then in Barcelona for 5 nights. We are referring to your blog post about Barcelona for things