Bangkok and Krabi with Kids

Q. Hi, We have planned a trip to Bangkok and Krabi. I read good reviews on Facebook about you and since this is my first international travel with my twins, I’m looking out for help in planning the itinerary in

Bhutan 101

Q. Hello Shalome! My husband and I are based in Mumbai, India. We intend to travel to Bhutan in March for 4-5 nights. We were thinking of going to Paro and Thimphu. Can you give suggestions on what to do,

South Indian Hop

Q. Namaste Shalome, I am travelling with two friends and our interests are: culture, performance, architecture, scenic walking trails, beautiful landscapes. And our budget is low to middle. We have one month, and these were the places we were thinking

A Mediterranean Odyssey

Q. Hi Shalome, If you could help me out in any way at all… My sister in law turns 50 in May 2018 and we are scheduled to go to Santorini from New Delhi May 20th to May 25th for

Solo in Morocco

Q. I would like to travel to Morocco. But as a single girl traveler I’ve been given conflicting information on how safe it is. I’ve traveled through Europe and parts of South East Asia alone and haven’t had any problems.

Kuala Lumpur for Families

Q. We’re travelling to Kuala Lumpur with our one-year old son because we really want him to see the KL Bird Park. But what else is there to do? We plan to be there for a week. Antra and Ankit

Where in Spain?

Q. Hi Shalome, We’re travelling to Spain for two weeks from 24th June to 8th July. This is our plan so far: 24th – 26th June: Madrid 26th – 29th June: Barcelona 29th – 1st July: Girona and Costa Brava